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Meghan Schmiedel Studio

Tattered Death's Head Moth Earrings

Tattered Death's Head Moth Earrings

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Inspired by the beauty and decay coexisting in nature, these earrings put a slightly delicate spin on the moth that's become synonymous with darkness in many peoples minds.

After first sawing out the moths and giving them their base layer of enamel, I then painted the actual moths with watercolor enamel and re-fired them in the kiln. I used torn strips of old linen that I dyed with tea to stick with the muted brown color palette and to add a slightly feminine touch to the overall earring.

The ear wires are sterling silver. The listed width is the measurement at the widest point of the earrings. The listed length includes the ear wire.

*sterling silver can tarnish over time but is easily polished

length: 2 1/8"

width: 7/8"

materials: enamel, watercolor enamel, fabric, tea (dye), copper, sterling silver, patina

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