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Meghan Schmiedel Studio

Hit and Run Necklace

Hit and Run Necklace

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This squirrel head necklace is inspired by an unfortunate squirrel I saw get hit by a car right in front of my house. I ran out to ensure he was dead and not still suffering, and was met with his lifeless body-- blood streaming from his nose and mouth, pooling under his head like a pillow to forever rest on.

The enameled head features a gradient of red and black beads spilling out from the nose and mouth, adding movement and beauty while also depicting blood. It's set on a brass backing that has a heart cut out for a colorful surprise on the pendant's back, as well as to serve as a reminder of the innocent life lost due to human carelessness. The pendant is suspended from hand-braided embroidery floss finished off with a tasseled knot mimicking the tassel-like appearance of the beaded "blood".

materials: enamel, watercolor enamel, copper, brass, seed beads, thread, embroidery floss

necklace length: 30"

pendant length: 6 1/2"

pendant width: 2 3/8"

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