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Meghan Schmiedel Studio

Until Death Do Us Part Earrings

Until Death Do Us Part Earrings

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This pair of swans is inspired by a swan couple that lived in a canal near where I went to college. They could be seen out and about together most days, until one was horribly killed by someone, leaving its mate all alone. I think of these earrings as mourning jewelry for the swans and animals in general whose lives are cut short due to the cruelty of people.

I painted the swans with watercolor enamel over a base coat of enamel and then re-fired them to a glossy finish. I used mostly a mixture of red glass and seed beads to subtly mimic blood spilling out, and to also add some regality to the pair.

The ear wires are sterling silver.

length: 4 3/8"

width: 1"

materials: watercolor enamel, enamel, copper, glass beads, seed beads, thread

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