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Meghan Schmiedel Studio

Cascading Pearl Death's Head Moth Earrings

Cascading Pearl Death's Head Moth Earrings

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Inspired by the beauty and decay coexisting in nature, these earrings put a delicate spin on the moth that's become so synonymous with darkness.

After first sawing out the moths and giving them their base layer of enamel, I then painted the actual moths with watercolor enamel and re-fired them to a shiny finish. Hanging from the moths is a mix of white and grey freshwater pearls that highlight the muted black and white color palette as well as adding a touch of ghostly elegance.

The ear wires are sterling silver.

length: 2 7/8"

width: 6/8"

materials: enamel, watercolor enamel, freshwater pearls, copper, thread, sterling silver, patina

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