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Meghan Schmiedel Studio

Scavenger Brooch

Scavenger Brooch

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This vulture brooch is inspired by the vultures that circle through the skies around my rural home, keeping an eye out for carcasses that lurk in the numerous fields and farms surrounding it.

I painted the vulture with watercolor enamel, over a base coat of enamel I pre-fired in the kiln. The enamel vulture itself is set on a sterling silver backing featuring an assortment of rabbit bone silhouettes that hint at what the vulture may have just eaten. It also enables the black enamel back of the vulture to show behind the stark silver bones to really make them pop. The back features a stainless steel double pin back for extra stability and support.

Tear-shaped lava stones hang from the vulture to act as feathers that are able to sway as the wearer moves.

length: 2 7/8"

width: 1 3/4"

materials: watercolor enamel, enamel, lava stone, sterling silver, copper, patina, stainless steel

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